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LoSS Issue 3: Veteran pdf

Loss Issue 2: Veteran

Character advancement rules for Lair of Sword & Sorcery (Leveling UP)

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LoSS Issue 3:Veteran.

Now that you've made some heroes using the rules from issue 2, and maybe even did some things with them, you can use that experience to increase your heroes power with the Lair Veteran system.

Included are Veteran Points (xp), veteran skills (additional skills) as well as how to increase your heroes fighting potential.

Also added this issue is the crafting system, allowing heroes to make their own items, weapons and armour, as well as potions.

A special addition found only in Lair is the fame and favour system. As heroes adventure they earn fame, and this can work for or against them, depending on what they are famous for. They will likely have done a few favours for people, and rules are included just on how to cash these in.

Also unique to lair is the Demense system (the heroes home). A good home is invaluable for planning adventures, training, and crafting.

Many games have systems for followers or henchmen, and Lair is no different there, included in this issue are the rules for hiring and using followers.

Rounding the issue out are, some guidlines on adding sorcery, the lair ranking system, used for balancing encounters, and guidelines to set up and run your own games of lair, along with a bestiary of enemies to use for those adventures.

More maps and detailed background of the world of Kartharka ends this massive issue.


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