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LoSS Issue 4: Sorcery pdf

Lair of Sword & Sorcery Issue 4:Sorcery

Rules for Sorcery, using magic, summoning spirits, creating and using magic items.

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Lair of Sword & Sorcery 4: Sorcery

This issue finally get the people what they want:: Magic and lots of it.

Beginning with the mysterious magical history of the world of Kartharka it goes on to give you eveything you need.

Rules for characters to use Sorcery, to summon spirits, demons, ghosts and other magical creatures to come and serve the Sorceror.

Sorcerous items are here too, the rules for creating and using these items are all here.

Also included for the Demonlord (gamesmaster) to create their own demons, spirits, and ghosts, to torment, or help, the heroes.

This issue is bigger than the usual issues and in full glorious cover


19 pages