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LoSS Issue 7: Labyrinth Lord Conversion Rules pdf

Lair of Sword & Sorcery Issue 7: Labyrinth Lord Conversion Rules.

Conversion rules and tables to use LoSS materials in your OSR games.

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At long last!

With these conversion tables you can finally use all the great background material of the world of Kartharka in the worlds most popular role playing game.

You can use this book to simply convert a LoSS adventrue to Labyrinth Lord if you like but there's so much more.

There are guidlines for running a Lair of Sword & Sorcery version of Labyrinth Lord, with rules additions for combat, magic, and healing.

But that's not all?

Have you always wanted to use all the great Lair templates to create your adventures but wanted to keep on running your usual OSR rules? Now you can! Updated templates for Lairs and Stories have been included. So why not jump in and give it a try.

Or just use this book to drop a crazy spider filled dungeon into your current campaign.

22 pages