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A New Miniature Company: Warplastic

Posted by Ripley Stonebrook on 20 July 2018
A New Miniature Company: Warplastic

It's official, Warplastic miniatures have arrived!

Head to the beacons Weppage

The Heroes' Beacon, longtime supporters of the Lair of Sword and Sorcery game, were of course the first to jump on board to carry the line of Warplastic miniatures.

On display is the available selection of


Sold in 10 packs, available in two different ground textures or as a mixed bag.


Also sold in 10 packs, available in 4 different styles or mixed.


Oh yes this is it!

The first release is a skeleton with no armour and equipped with a sword.

They are available as singles or 5 packs.

Plenty more details are on the way with more updates but I just had to share the news that we're finally making some minis!

Please Like, Share, and Comment as much as you can to spread the Bandwidth on this a little more before all the updates start rolling out

and Thanks to all my loyal Blood Reavers for keeping on while I got this all up and going.





To hear all about just how my minis are made, head to the aricle "I molded 100 plastic zombies"

To stay in the loop you can subscibe to LoSS magazine on our home page SPOOKY ROOM PRODUCTIONS

To hear all about the new miniatures as the news come out follow me on google+ at  +Ripley Stonebrook

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