Now Retired. Go to Precis Intermedia for Lair of Sword & Sorcery

Lair of Sword & Sorcery was my baby and I had a blast doing it for many years!

Thanks to everyone who supported it along the way, I made lots of great friends and met lots of great people.

But with new things coming down the pipe I didn't have time to give Lair my full attention any more and it deserved better than getting left behind.

So my baby has been handed off to the folks of Precis Intermedia to take care of.

You can now find the game at their website  at

It's been a wild ride and I'm excited to see great new things come out of it.

These pages remain so that people can see all the great stuff Lair and Kartharka have to offer.



Now in it's second edition, the Lair of Sword & Sorcery Core Rules are bigger and better than ever.
Collected in a single book are all the things you need to start running your own games right away,

  • A quickstart section
  • Super simple first adventure
  • Full campaign for when you are ready
  • Sample characters
  • Instructions for making a playing matte to play on
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Need to know more? Download the quick start manual and check it out!

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What makes LoSS Different from other Role-Playing Games

Are you already pretty experienced with Role-playing games and wonder just why Lair of Sword & Sorcery is so much better?

Well it's got a lot of features that most games don't have, and some you can only find here:

  • Classless points based character creation
  • No HIt Points
  • Combat hurts both parties
  • Experience is based on characters actions
  • A unique 3d experience
  • A non spell based magic system
  • Fame and Favour system
  • Rules concerning the characters home
  • Special rules for fleeing

IF you're interested in learning more of the specifics of all the great things Lair has to offer then click the button below: How is LoSS different?

How is LoSS Different?


The game of Lair of Sword & Sorcery takes place on the Demonboard, not just in your head. No matter what your skill you can create something this great looking!

A big part of the game of LoSS is actually playing the game on a battlemat (the demonboard). It can be as simple as a piece of bristol board with a grid on it, or as elaborate as the ones you see in the pictures above. 

Step by step instructions are available to make these fabulous things and once you get started you'll be amazed just how easy it is. 

Start off with just a grid on a sheet so that you can play right away and then improve it over time.

Click on the button below to go to the dedicated Demonboard page.



Lair of Sword and Sorcery can be played with any world you like, or one you create yourself.

But it's made to be run with a low magic world of high adventure sword and sorcery. And have we got a world for you, ready for adventure!

The world of Kartharka! Born in the fire of the Demon wars and destroyed in the cataclysms of the great Sorcery wars.

The seasons of the world are now locked in endlessly in their own parts of the world, from the Freezing Winterlands in the north to the scorched deserts of the Summerlands to the south.

The game world mostly revolves around the Winterlands, home of the freemen. Free from the rule of the Black Emperor, supreme ruler of the rest of Kartharka.

The background history of the world of Kartharka can be found in the issues of LoSS magazine and include the government, laws, history and regions of the world of Kartharka.

The focus of the world of Kartharka has been primarily on the free Winterlands to the North as they are the areas where a bold heart and a strong sword arm are most likely to earn your hero fame and fortune.

The Winterlands

The home of most characters, the Winterlands are the the Freelands of Kartharka.

A wilderness of snow full of hidden secrets from the history of the world.
Even this heavily poplulated area contains vast areas of unmapped and forgotten places.


The largest city of the Winterlands and the seat of the most powerful governing families. The destination for all aspiring heroes!

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The heart of the Lair of Sword and Sorcery game.
New rules, adventures, monsters, tips and art with every issue.
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