The Monster Vault Podcast

Spooky Room productions now has it's own podcast, the "Monster Vault".

In this podcast, Ripley Stonebrook (That's me) and Crandall (my faithful assistant) talk about a different monster in every episode. 

We talk about their history, their strengths, their weaknesses, and overall coolness by rating them ins a highly scientific series of categories.

Season one finds us discussing the Universal monsters, so far covering Frankenstein and Dracula, as well as various monsters inspired by these classics.

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The episode shownotes can be found below...

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Where to Listen/View

Find us on Youtube at my channel  Ripley Stonebrook

The funnest place to get the podcast is Youtube where you can watch every episode and see us in all our glory.

Click on the You Tube graphic to go to the Monster Vault Playlist on the Ripley Stonebrook channel.

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Coming soon: As the series goes on you will be able to view all the shownotes and pics used in the podcast here, as well as the Monster leaderboard showing all the monster scores and how they rank up against each other. Just give us a few more episodes to get things rolling.