The Monster Vault Podcast

Spooky Room productions now has it's own podcast, the "Monster Vault".

In this podcast, Ripley Stonebrook (That's me) and Crandall (my faithful assistant) talk about a different monster in every episode. 

We talk about their history, their strengths, their weaknesses, and overall coolness by rating them ins a highly scientific series of categories.

Season one finds us discussing the Universal monsters, so far covering Frankenstein and Dracula, as well as various monsters inspired by these classics.

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Monster Vault Rankings

Monster Vault All time Leader: Interview with the Vampire Lestat Episode 7

Monster Vault All time worst: Nosferatu Episode 6

Season 1 Universal Monsters

Season 1 Leader so far: Interview with the Vampire Lestat Episode 7

Season 1 worst so far: Original Nosferatu episode 6

part 1 Frankenstein

MonsterPowersBar FightinWeaknessesPack SizeSpookinessKill FactorLocationWYFIFinal Score
Universal Frankenstein27.5101216534.5
HP Lovecrafts Reanimator0.531045.516131
The Golem3.584.51426029
The Kindred08.58.5585.55.5041

Part 1 Winner: The Kindred

Results for part 2 will be posted after part 2 is complete

part 2 Dracula

MonsterPowersBar FightinWeaknessesPack SizeSpookinessKill FactorLocationWYFIFinal Score
Universal Dracula5.53.512.
Original Nosferatu31513.506.520
Interview with the Vampire Lestat3.585731.58.5743.5
Bram Stokers Dracula         

Part 2 Winner: The Kindred

Part 3 Winners will be posted at the end of Series 3