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An American Werewolf in London EP 10

Posted by Ripley Stonebrook on 26 May 2023
An American Werewolf in London EP 10

Another new Episode of Monster Vault dropping already! 

We haven't quite got our video sorted out, well really video is sorted but I couldn't get OBS Studio to output seperate audio tracks so we had to go with good old Zoomy for the audio.

What a rock star he is!

Next episode should have us back with all our visual garbage glory as we enter the Sabor stage of Monster Vault!

This episode we watched An American werewolf in londa and, as with most episodes, I realize that horror movies were best in the 80's, if you are a teen.

Honestly horror movies are made for teens especially, even with their R rating movie theatres would just let you in, and you could rent vhs tapes no problem no matter the rating.

So these were all actually made for teenagers with crazy gore and violence.

Only now in 2023 are we starting to see more Horror movies start to really push the R rating knowing that they'll make their money back with home viewing without worrying about parents taking their kids to the movies.

How was the movie itself? Pretty standard for a werewolf movie.

But we get the addition of two things, David's dreams to spice up the first half hour before things get gory, and David's victims returning to haunt him in the rest of the movie, not only adding some narrative excitement but also letting us revel in the gore of their savaged werewolf attacked bodies.

All in all, a high C to B move.

And you absolutely have to watch the move for the transformation sequences that have gone down in the history of horror movies as the greatest ever.


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