Monster Vault EP 7 Interview With the Vampire
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27 October 2022

Monster Vault EP 7 Interview With the Vampire

Hello Citizens! It's great to see you all again!

It's been a wild and crazy few years but Ripley is back in action and bringing you the spooky more than ever before.

The Monster Vault podcast has returned after a bit of a hiatus. The last 2 episodes dropped with little fanfare last month after a year of no updates and we're all real sorry about that. The episodes were recorded and ready to edit but, as you all can guess, the past year has been a bit wild in the world.

But we are back with regular updates again!

Next up is Interview with the Vampire and we actually had a good time watching it, not a great time, but a good time.

Check out the episode in all the usual places and if you haven't heard the podcast yet search it out no on your favourite padcatcher.

Lots to do tonight so that's all for now my citizens!


Ripley Stonebrook
Ripley Stonebrook
Heading the Spooky Room Productions output Ripley Stonebrook has been cranking out the spooky for years. Best to try to find me at instagram @ripleystonebrook
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