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Monster Vault EP 8 Bram Stokers Dracula

Posted by Ripley Stonebrook on 28 October 2022
Monster Vault EP 8 Bram Stokers Dracula
The Monster Vault Halloween 2022 episode! We're back, with this episode actually being recorded only a week ago. We've got new gear and a lust for life! And we'd like to announce that our little podcast experiment is going to continue with a roughly monthly schedule. I remember this movie being amazing but watching again many years later found little about this flick to get jazzed about. But we struggle on for the Citizens and run good ol BS's dracula through the MV categories. This episode marks the end of our Vampire series so tune in to find out which Vampire ranks the highest in Monster Vault History and whether any of them beats out The Kindred from our Frankenstein series.
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