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The Spooky Shop

Posted by Ripley Stonebrook on 10 August 2018
The Spooky Shop


Let's keep this train going with a visit to the Spooky Shop!

This place is another great example of how much you can do with a very limitied amount of space

In the picture above you can see the place where I work on anything that's noisy, smelly, or needs to bring some power tools to bear. There's not alot of room but it's got all everything you really need.

Here you can see the shelves and my little worktable (fridge). I don't have enough room to keep everything out at the same time so I have to pull out a tool, use it, clean up, and put it back. But it doesn't take long at all to do once you get used to it.

On the top shelf I've got a couple of tool boxes and the lead melter.

Next shelf down has the precious table saw and the wheel sanders.

The big blue cushions are for the deck chairs.

Here's where all the magic happens, the benchtop itself.

Every shop needs a drill press and here's mine. Along with the Work holding vice.

90% of tools are all to hand with clamps hanging there on the left, all the little hand tools stuck in the black shelf in the middle, and more little drawers to keep all the odd's n ends in place. 

The Red vice is another one of those things that are way more useful than you would ever think until you have one.

Everything else that I use everday are all at hand, the hammer hangs on the wall to the right, hacksaws on the left, hand saws on the right.

All the screws and nails I use on almost every project are in the coffee jars, just screw the lid to the bottom of the shelf and twist it in, I'd have more of these but I actuallyl stand there in the gap between jars.

And up top is all the extras. Way high are all the offcuts when you just need a chunk of wood, and all my metal stock and rods.

In the box on the left are all the dremel attachments, which you can never have enough of. on the right is the shop compressor for the paint gus that are kept out here for big painting or priming.

Then of course many more shelves below. 

The two blue boxes are my drill indexes and tap and die set. You would never guess how much you use a tap and die set until you own one, then every problem can be solved with it. 

Next to those are the guides for the table saw and the hand drill, which I pull out at least once in every project, for drilling or srews. Next to that is the Radio Shack electronics lab which has an excellent breadboard with built in controls and power, great for testing out a circuit quick before putting it in something in the shop.

Below that on the left is the Taig lathe and all it's accessories, another thing that's just way too useful. 

The green guy is the grinder and it's another thing that I grab at least once for every project, somehing always needs to be ground, filed, cut or shaped no mater what the job.

On the bottom is the chop saw, which really doesn't get used much but when you need it it's great. 

And next to that is the toaster oven, for baking the molds for the injection molder.  

A shop of this size really can do just about anything you would ever need it to with very little space. So if  you've always wished for a shop of your very own maybe you've got a little space or a closet you might be able to use. 

This spot is just half of our mudroom with all the usual things still taking up the other half.

I used to use the shed out back but it had a dirt floor, no heat, no nothing, except for flooding in the spring and frozen ice floor in the winter. Ever since switching over to the much smaller space indoors i've gotten much more done and really love being in it.

And here's one more picture of Mighty Caesar, resting up for the next batch of miniatures, you'll see the speed clamp is finally on there (the big red knob).

Parts are on the way for the pneumatic pre heat chamber which will really speed things up! Once it's under construction you'll see all the build pics here!

I had a couple of molds fail last weekend so the newest miniatures aren't out yet but I've got another mold ready to go so here's hoping you'll see some new minis int he store soon!

These ones are the official beta miniatures and are a step up from the alpha's on the site now.

Be sure to follow +RipleyStonebrook on Google+ to keep getting updates and maybe swing by the spooky room main page at www.spookyroomproductions.com and sign up for a free subscription to LoSS magazine. The new issue is in the works right now with more great articles to expand the Lair of Sword & Sorcery adventure game.



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