Welcome to 1935!

I am so proud to finally present my new Roleplaying game: Concordia, World of Tomorrow.

An investigative horror role playing game where you take on the role of everyday citizens in a city of dark secrets and unspeakable horrors.

After 6 years of pre-production writing and sketching it is finally here!

The Year is 1935 and the world is gripped in the Great Depression. You are one of the many people who have gone to the island city of Concordia for the dream of good work for good money.

When you arrive you find that the stories are true, you have a great job, and are earning great money. But then you begin to notice things...

A coworker disappears, and no one wants to discuss it. You see strange shadows as you walk past the parks at night. 

And the city itself, the grand modern city of tomorrow; it seems shiny, new and wondrous when you arrive, but you soon see that things are not as they seem. The subways are constantly late, all the modern appliances in your apartment are useless as the power goes out again. Whole city blocks have been left in ruins and surrounded by high fences, to keep people out, or something in?

But you keep quiet, you don't complain, you pretend not to see the strange things around you. You don't want to give up your great job do you? Without your job you would need to return to the mainland, to the horrors of destitution and poverty that the mainland holds.

So you keep quiet, but maybe you start to investigate things a little. You become curious, just what is behind those gates? What are you building in these factories everyday? Is there any truth to the rumours that horrible "things" are keeping the subways from running.

These are the character you will play in the game.

Welcome to Concordia: City of Tomorrow!



Maps of Concordia

The city in all it's glory! Here you can see a cross section of the city and how the island is laid out into it's various levels and districts.

The Map below shows all the wondrous things the city holds.

What kind of horrors are in the game?

Every kind of horror you can imagine!

As you explore the city your characters will soon learn that the source of all the horrors of the game are the corporations that run the city.

For over a century they have created occult "weapons" for military powers of the globe. Their testing and creation of these various things has created an kind of "fallout" throughout the entire city as experiments go wrong, escape the laboratories, or through constant fighting between the corporations themselves.

This means, for players and game masters alike, that every kind of horror can be drawn into your adventures, and that almost every square foot of the island is steeped in some kind of horrific thing that is ready to turn on the players.

How does the game play?

Character Creation

Characters are created with a points buy system for stats and skills, so you can make any investigator you like! You can also choose to buy a career for your character which comes with a group of skills as well as a "Career" skill which is only available to investigators with the career.

Character Advancement

Characters are awarded more points on completion of an adventure to impove their investigator. They can spend these on new skills, improving their skills, or they can save the points to use in adventures for things like improving dice rolls.

Skill checks

When the investigator wishes to do something, they can use either a stat or a skill. The game master decides what the difficulty of the action is, and the character consults the Concordia table to cross reference their skill and the difficulty to find out what die to roll and what number they need to succeed.

Hand to Hand Combat

When an investigator wishes to attack something, they use a combat skill. The defender will defend using one of their combat skills. You then cross reference the attackers skill and the defenders skill on the Concordia table to find out what die to roll and what number you need to succeed.

If you succeed you roll the same die for damage, and subtract the amount from the enemy's hit points.

Missile Weapons

When firing a missile weapon, like a gun, the game master will use a number of guidelines to determine the difficulty of the shot between "automatic" and "impossible" the investigator will then use the Concordia table to determine what die to roll and what number they need to roll. If they succeed they use the same die to roll damage and deduct these from the enemy's hit points.

Hit Points

Like many other games, your investigator has a number of hit points, once they reach zero, you are dead. Simple.


What would a Horror game be without a fear system? In Concordia  you use the Concordia table to determine what die to roll and what number you need to succeed. If you fail you lose "fear points". When your fear points reach zero your characterer either goes catatonic or runs away, either way there are out of commission for the rest of the adventure. 

Character Hooks

The setting of Concordia is bulit from the ground up to make getting characters into the adventure quick and easy. thus avoiding one of the biggest problems of Investigative Horror games.

There are a number of ways to get the characters invoived:

The Concordia Historical Society

All of the characters are members of the Society, whose main mission is to determine the truth behind the mysteries of the Island of Concordia and has existed for a number of years. Also provides a hom ebase, mentors and mission givers as well as material and financial support of equipment, money vehicles etc. The easiest way to get your characters started in the world of Concordia.

Private Investigator

At least one of the characters has chosen the Private investigator career, and the rest can be private investigators as well or other support employees that work for the investigator, or are friends or contacts of the Private investigator. Most adventures will begin with a client coming to the investigator for help with a problem.

Concerned Citizen

Every citizen is surrounded with the bizarre and strange. It is only natural to become curious about all of these things happening around them. The only difference between an investigator and a regular citizens is the willingness to question these things around them and the courage to seek out answers when the dangers in doing so are so great.

Corporation Employee

In this case all the players work for the same corporation, most likely in different roles but perhaps all in the same office or workplace.

They will, at some point, gather together and compare notes on the terrifying things happening around them. On discovering that they all have experienced similar things, they will work together to find out the secrets of Concordia.

Union Worker





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