Miniatures for Everybody

Warplastic miniatures is here to give you great miniatures at a great price (Only $1.25 Canadian each!)

Lovingly hand sculpted and molded right here in the Spooky Room Office.

Figures are available as single miniatures without shields or bases, but if you need them, we've got those too! Shields and bases are available in affordable 10 packs for $3.50 each.

Starting off is our range of Skeletons  to fill out your Undead Forces with more coming very soon!


How We Make MIniatures

Want to know more about how I sculpt and mold my miniatures? You can see the whole process over at the Spooky Room Blog just follow this LInk
Warplastic is starting out strong with a line of Undead! Starting with skeletons there's much more on the molding racks ready to go. Want to see the full line? Then head on over to the Warplastic store now by following this link.