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Crandall's new podcast!  If an infinite number of monkeys will type Shakespeare, what can a few dozen monkeys do? Let's find out together with this group project.  This means you!  You want to write a chapter for this pod?  All are welcome.
The Spooky Room Podcast, Where I (Ripley Stonebrook) and my assistant (Crandall) rate and review monsters according to our scientific series of Categories. Find out just who the best monster in the world is. Click the button for show notes and more info.

The amazing new Investigative Horror RPG from Spooky Room Productions.

The game takes place in 1935 on the Island City State of Concordia. A city of mystery, magic, and rot, ruled by corporations with an iron fist. Corporations who supply magical weapons to the dictators and despots of the globe. You take the role of a citizen of the city, trying to survive, and possibly, if you are lucky, survive to unravel the mysteries of the city.

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zombies: I molded 100 plastic zombies

Posted on 15 June 2018
zombies: I molded 100 plastic zombies
And here's my newest zombie horde!
And you read that right, I molded them  myself. Read on for all...
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Spooky Room is 3 years old! Loss, osr and warplastic news!

Posted on 6 June 2018
Spooky Room is 3 years old! Loss, osr and warplastic news!
Spooky Room is 3 years old! Loss, osr and warplastic news!
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